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Promotion Requirements

Academics at Pentucket have been designed to meet the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, enabling the high school to continue offering both challenging and comprehensive courses designed to prepare students for their future.

Along with Graduation Requirements listed below, all students must pass the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) test battery in Science, Math and English in order to receive a diploma.


Beginning with 9th grade, progress toward graduation depends upon the accumulation of credits. A minimum of 105 credits are required for graduation. Students’ programs are checked and rechecked to make certain that each student will have adequate credits to progress with his/her class. All students must have passed the State MCAS assessment to be eligible for a high school diploma. It is the joint responsibility of the school, student and parent to help each student to meet these requirements. Students should know their credit total to date and be certain of what courses they have completed in each required category.